Fuel consumption measuring unit

Critical to environmental protection, modern engines must be designed to save resources by reducing fuel consumption significantly.  For this type of engine development, measuring fuel flow accurately and reproducibly during testing is one of the central requirements needed to produce reliable results in thermodynamic engine analysis.  To meet these needs, strong tools are required that can successfully face today’s challenges.

The FEV FuelRate has been designed to meet these demands by incorporating numerous benefits only a modern device can offer: high accuracy, excellent reproducibility, robustness, high resolution - to name a few. The FuelRate can be used for both stationary and dynamic testing.


  • Dynamic mass flow measurement
  • High accuracy – excellent repeatability
  • Broad range of applications (gasoline, diesel, alcohols)
  • All fuel conducting components are free of non-ferrous metals
  • Easy calibration of the measuring chain
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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