MORPHEE applications

MORPHEE Dynamic Simulation

MORPHEE DYNAMIC SIMULATION allows to run at the engine test bed the tests usually performed on the chassis dynamometer: the reproduction of the vehicle dynamics is excellent, the cost is reduced - as it is a MORPHEE application - and the pollutant emissions are calculated automatically during the test. The application covers vehicle, driver and gear box models. Numerous standards test procedures - European, American and Japanese - and numerous emissions calculations - NOx, CO, CO2, HC, CH4, NMHC are available. The solution can be adapted to your specific needs: the vehicle models can be customized by various physical parameters, and it is possible to integrate customer‘s models.

Types of vehicle models:Passenger cars & Heavy duty


  • Reproduction of the vehicle dynamics directly on the engine test bed
  • Reduced operating costs as compared to vehicle test bed
  • Customizable models, calculation algorithms and test procedures
  • Numerous standard test procedures available
  • Prediction of pollutant emissions on the certifi cation cycles
  • Automatic calculation of pollutant emissions for gaseous pollutants during the test


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