FEV Day of Smart New Energy Vehicle

Automotive industry is facing a huge transition with new smart, connected and electrified mobility. Internal combustion engines as primary source of traction and conventional vehicles trimmed for ICEs are on the verge of being ruled out by the new energy vehicles. China is in the very heart of this historical phase of automotive industry.

As your engineering partner for the development of smart new energy vehicles, FEV establishes a platform to exchange know-how focused on the following topics:

- E-drive
- Fuel cell
- E-vehicle engineering
- xCU development
- Connectivity

We would like to cordially invite you to FEV Day of Smart New Energy Vehicle on 30th of March in Shanghai. Take this opportunity to be informed on the newest developments on NEVs from FEV, one of the biggest engineering providers in the world spreading to 35 engineering sites on four continents.

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Date: March 30th, 2017     
Venue: Grand Millennium Shanghai HongQiao, 2588 Yan'an West Road, Shanghai 201103
Mrs. Chen Yi
Email: chen.yi@fev.com

For detailed information about our program and registration, please follow the link below: