xMod Synoptic

xMOD* is an application software that facilitate stand alone and tool coupling co-simulation between several simulation tools. The main idea of xMOD* is to combine, within the same platform:

  • Heterogeneous model integration environment
  • Virtual experimentation laboratory 

The integration process does not impose the tools. xMOD* does not intend to replace the original modeling and simulation tools, but aims at promoting their coexistence: Feel free to use the most efficient modeling tool/language you need. 

The highlight of xMOD* is to fit the heterogeneous models for any simulation mode, allowing both system and control engineers to start verification and validation phases early in the design cycle. 

Key Benefits for Your Company with xMOD*:

  • Run coupled heterogeneous models with very fast computation
  • Extend simulation usability to non-expert users with friendly interfaces
  • Increase your independence with respect to usual design software
  • Reduce global licence cost
  • Improve model exchange and collaboration across the various engineering fields

* developed by IFPEN and sold by FEV


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