XMOD, a virtual experimentation platform

Real time and accurate

Models are becoming more and more complex and include a high level of detail.
This is why the idea of implementing these complex models in real time with real components is attractive. However, due to the complexity of the models, a simplification process usually has to be applied with the potential to implement simplified models in real time.As a result, the tests become less representative.

Without implementing complex models in hard real time, it is impossible to obtain a high level of precision on the HiL or engine test beds; rapid prototyping on the HiL test bed or calibrating the ECU on the engine test bed is no longer possible. The xMOD platform enables the real-time connection of hardware and models without compromising the quality and representativeness of the tests as the precision of the model is retained and can be reproduced directly in hard real time and, in a deterministic way, on the test bed. To guarantee this, unique features have been incorporated that allow multi-solver and multi-core execution with advanced algorithms for data prediction.

With xMOD, it is possible to validate a new hybrid powertrain concept or scale the air circuit of a new engine, its turbo, and its EGR system by evaluating pollution emissions and fuel consumption long before the physical existence of the parts or the system.




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