Combustion Analysis System

FEVIS is a combustion analysis system that combines powerful, modular hardware for data acquisition with a convenient, Windows-based user interface. The user has the option to compose the analysis screens from a calculation catalog containing over 100 templates. It offers excellent real-time computation power.


  • Calculation in real time
  • Commercial hardware (RT-System)
  • Crank angle-based
  • Fixed housing from 8 to 32 channels
  • Interfaces –OHI, EtherCAT
  • Filters can be applied in charge amplifier


  • Cycle synchronous calculations in real-time
  • EtherCAT crosslinking allows fast closed-loop control
  • Integrated safety monitoring
  • Calculation libraries based on FEV’s engineering expertise included
  • Well-documented calculation algorithms
  • Extensive library with knock and acoustic calculations
  • User-definable MATLAB/Simulink models allow real-time analysis and test object safety monitoring
  • Post-mortem log parallel to ongoing measurement (no additional system)
  • Compatible with established automation systems
  • INCA integration and remote Kistler signal conditioner platform (SCP) control
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Scalable in channels, memory and features
  • Based on standard, robust industrial components


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