DieselPowertrains 3.0

11 & 12 July 2017 in Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart area

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FEV Conference

Diesel Powertrains 3.0


Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Körfer
FEV Group GmbH, Aachen
Herr Körfer (FEV GmbH)

The continuous optimization of the classical ICE towards more efficiency and minimized exhaust emissions remains a key factor of automotive engineering. Despite the currently ongoing discussions the modern Diesel engine represents a favorable platform for a highly-valuable future propulsion unit even under changed regulatory boundary conditions and an altering market environment.

The never-ending optimization of the base engine architecture to accomplish lowered friction and minimized losses represents a major field of multiple engineering undertakings. Furthermore, traditional areas of development, such as the enhancement of the combustion system towards higher efficiency, better comfort and lower engine-out emissions dominate current research activities.

In addition the enlarged utilization of highly sophisticated exhaust aftertreatment systems to meet stricter RDE emission requirements towards a full-system approach characterizes a key aspect. Finally, the interlinkage of all sub-systems with more model-based, physical-oriented control algorithms and the dedicated electrification of sub-systems highlight major influences on the mainstream development trends for the next decade of powertrain production.

Join our conference on 11th & 12th July 2017, Nestor Hotel Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart area.

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11 & 12 July 2017


Nestor Hotel Ludwigsburg


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