Why choose FEV?

The success of FEV depends on the innovation and leadership of our employees working in conjunction with a supportive management team. Working at FEV allows you to experience the latest in automotive technology and to directly influence future Research and Development in a fast-paced, challenging environment.

Experienced Professional - I have the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects as an engineer at FEV for many different customers. Each project is different and that keeps it interesting. If you are working on a solution and you need some help, your best resource, more often than not, are your FEV colleagues. 

Recent Graduate -  I was hired by FEV after graduating from college and it has been a great opportunity for me. The training that I have received has been excellent. I have a passion for engines so FEV is the right place for me. As a former Formula SAE team member, my work at FEV is kind of like a complex extension of my FSAE experience. 

Intern - As an Engineering student, the opportunity to intern at FEV has been a valuable experience. At FEV I was able to actually work side by side with experienced engineers on interesting and challenging projects.  

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